Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Budget campaign


So we were driving to my inlaws' place last weekend. We exited off the highway and I happened to glance out my window as we were waiting for the light to change and saw a garage sale sign. No wait. That's a CAMPAIGN sign! And being the good little blogger that I am, I whipped out my point-and-shoot and got a picture.

The blogger in me thought, "Oh, boy. This is just too easy." Then the artiste in me thought, "Come on. If you are going to have your 6th-grader make your campaign signs, at least get them some stencils." But that might have been a bit uncharitable of me. You know, hard economic times and all. In this day and age I suppose campaigning on a shoe-string could be endearing.

I'm not sure what statement Suzette is trying to make with that sign, but bless her little pea-pickin' heart, I hope to goodness she wins whatever she's running for.

And don't even bother emailing me to ask where this was. In case you weren't around for the last major elections we had, politics can get kinda nasty and I don't want to be accused of being a plumber (which I'm not) or having a temper (which I don’t for three weeks out of the month) or being too elite (OK, you caught me. I'm totally elite). I'm not one to throw mud. I’ll just stick to specializing in snarky blog posts.