Saturday, January 31, 2009



Yep, Kleenex is my BFF right now. I'm on week 2 with the flu. And don't even start with me. I got a flu shot, but apparently they got the flu shot wrong this year. Just my luck.

And yes, I'm showing the brandname in the photo because I don't mean "tissue". I mean KLEENEX. Not Puffs. Not Kirklands. Not "Wipe So Fine". Kleenex is the only tissue that wipes my nose when I'm sick. I don't care if it's 820 thread-count combed Egyptian cotton, when you are plucking tissues at the rate of 50 a day, it begins to feel like 20-grit sandpaper....unless it's Kleenex brand, that is. I'm cozying up to a box right now.

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