Monday, June 1, 2009

Compost Cantaloupes


Yeah, we haven't been super religious about turning the compost pile. Several weeks ago, DH noticed something sprouting out there and asked if I wanted to let it go or if he should turn it. I suggested he turn it. Not surprisingly it never happened. Fast-forward a month later and we have some pretty impressive cantaloupe vines going on.

I'm actually kind of excited. I have read article upon article about growing your own garden and we always had one when I was growing up. But I had convinced myself that I just don't have time to fight off the gazillion bunnies that inhabit our backyard AND tend a garden. But hey! If I can just pitch my gloppy cantaloupe seeds out the back door and have a full-blown cantaloupe patch in a couple of months, maybe I AM cut out to grow a tomato plant or sprout a bean in a Styrofoam cup.


  1. I am a novice gardener ( and am trying my hand at gardening.

    Can't wait to hear how your "volunteer" cantaloupes come out versus my $200 vegetable patch that is slowly getting eaten by bugs!

  2. This happened to us, too! (Including the part about DH offering to turn and having it not happen, not surprisingly. I have to say, I LOLed at that one). We had little tomato plants pop out in our zucchini and scallion beds. I took out the little tomatoes, replanted them in paper cups and gave them away at our local yoga studio.