Friday, April 24, 2009

Smart Alec

smart alec

This smart alec is my 3 year old showing his best impression of Mommy doing yoga. Thing is, it's much easier for him to do "three legged dog" than it is for me. In fact, it's easier for him to do pretty much any yoga posture.

Case in point, I was struggling one day practicing "half moon pose" after having trouble with it in class. For those who don't know what "half moon pose" is, here is a nice little picture...

He just went from "down dog" and threw his leg and hand up in the air and said, "Is this how you do it, Mommy? Wook, Mommy. Is THIS how you do it?" About that time I got a violent cramp in my ass and fell down on the mat. DH, being the loving husband that he is, stood there and laughed at me. I picked up my mat and went away.

And for anyone who is curious as to where the term "Smart Alec" came from, you can check Wikipedia for the answer. It's a rather interesting story. In fact, I'm thinking it would make a great opera.

Oh, and in other news, there is currently a Flashcard Zoo Give-Away and review being hosted over at Mama Snow's. Head on over to enter and read the review!


  1. I don't think I was even that flexible when I was 3. lol

  2. It's sad sometimes how hard we have to work to do the things that come so naturally to those little sh**. I wish I had half of their energy and flexibility. Maybe less wine would help...Naah