Thursday, April 9, 2009



Last week I was at my inlaw's and they had an old box with a ribbon wrapped around it sitting on the table. It was a box of Grandmother's love letters from Pop. Grandmother and Pop are my DH's grandparents. Grandmother passed away last April 10th and left her old trunk to my FIL.

In that trunk, she had saved every single letter Pop wrote her while he was serving during WWII. She didn't just have the one box of letters. I was told there were many more where that box came from. I read a couple of letters and felt a bit like a voyeur, but I also know Grandmother was proud of those letters and loved for people to read them. Pop doted on her unmercifully and I think she loved that people knew it.

I never got to meet Pop. He passed away a few years before I met DH. Dh speaks of him as if he were bigger than life. I wish like anything I could have known him.

His penmanship was exquisite and his words dripped with admiration for her and with anguish at being away from her. They wrote and recieved letters from eachother almost on a daily basis. There was no email. He was about to be deployed and was very heavy hearted. He mentioned in each letter that he hoped he had many more to write and that he was living for the day he could see her again. That was June 6, 1941.

October 5, 2002 doting on DH at our wedding
grady and gmother

August 10, 2005, her first visit with Munchkin.
gmother and z

We miss her.


  1. What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. How sad that letter writing has become such a lost art, what a touching legacy that Pop has left behind for his family & what a beautiful lasy dh's Grandma was. Thanks for that memory!