Monday, April 13, 2009



I bought my first pair of completely impracticle shoes on Saturday. Well, I ASSUME that most people would consider a pair of bubblegum pink patent leather sandals impracticle.

It makes me kind of not sleep well. It just goes against fiber of my being. I mean, here I am purchasing a pair of shoes that I only have ONE article of clothing to match.


That's total insanity for me. But damn do those shoes ever look cute with that sweater. I don't know, maybe I can justify it by the fact that I still have not purchased a new bra.


  1. I'm with you on the bra shopping; I need one and finding one or spending the money on it when the shoes are so much cuter, no way. Just can't do it.
    The shoes!!!!! There are adorable! Love them! That sweater is cute too.
    Now, ya know you could wear those shoes with a white dress, black shorts and a black tank top or a denim shirt and jeans. There, no more guilt.

  2. Great shoes! I'm feeling the outfit with white pants.

  3. Adorable shoes! You should never feel guilty for the occasional splurge on yourself. Good for you!

  4. There is never anything impracticle about a new pair of shoes... ever. Never, ever, ever, ever. Even if you have not one stitch of clothing that will match :D