Thursday, March 26, 2009

Low-class litter


So Munchkin and I were out in the front yard a couple of days ago. We were doing our usual...him drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and me pulling weeds....when I came across this lovely contribution.

I just have to say a couple of things. OK first, it's not so much that you chose to throw your empty beer can on my lawn, but.....KEYSTONE LIGHT?!?!? I mean come ON. This is Texas. I wouldn't have been near as irritated had it been Shiner Bock. At least it would have been litter and not "low-class litter". And a can. You're drinking Keystone Light from A CAN! What, let me guess. Your name is "Bubba" or "Boyd"?

And one last suggestion. If you're gonna be so rude as to throw something on my lawn, could you AT LEAST make sure it's something that will kill that damn dandelion? Actually, Keystone Light might actually kill dandelions so next time why don't you just pop the tab (I can't believe I even said that) and pour the nastiness out on the dandelions and go GITCHER SELF A FRICKIN' SHINER!!! IN A BOTTLE!!!


  1. lol, and here I thought this was gonna be a serious post about litterbugs and how people should recycle. I'll know better next time lol;)

    (and instead of complaining about that dandelion, come look at my blog and see why you should be happy to have a dandelion in your yard!! I'll be glad to trade ya! :) )

  2. That dandelion is kinda cute! I remember when I was little my mom would send me out to "pick" the dandelions. I would come in with a beautiful bouquet!

    I digress... I hate litter too!

  3. I am always shocked by finding beer cans and bottles on the lawn. Scary that there are that many people still drinking and driving.

  4. Awesome, I will only drink the beer my hubby brews in the basement (different kind of hobby. I know) but now I have two uses for a can of beer. Beer chicken and killing weeds. Good to know.

  5. Too funny- and NOT FUNNY! I pass by lots of that low-class litter when cycling. uuggh.

  6. LOL - Yep, I hate litter too, of any kind - it's no fun finding beer cans in your front yard. And the dandelion is kind of cute! ;)