Monday, March 2, 2009



So Munchkin has been getting 5 M&Ms whenever he takes his antibiotic. (I know, tsk tsk tsk. But honestly I have tasted the stuff and I wouldn't take it unless you promised me a gift certificate to the W Salon & Spa every time, so I figure in this economy we're getting off good with 5 M&Ms.)

Anyhoo, he gets his five M&Ms the other night and takes them over to his little special place to lay them all out and go through the ritual of counting them and grouping them by color (he IS my child) and deciding which one he should eat first when he says, "Mom, why deez M-uh-Ms don't have Ms on 'em?" I go over and look and ask what he means because they all have Ms on them. He says, "No Mom. Doze are EEEEs." And do you know how he knew that? Because he has a big ole stack of Flashcard Zoo Flashcards. (Sorry. Couldn't resist. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.)

So I turned them all 45 degrees to tranform the Es into Ms. "Wow, Mom. How did you do dat?"

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