Monday, February 23, 2009



I have a real bone to pick with Speedo. I was at Costco last week and saw this bathing suit lying on the table (and for those of you squinting to see what size it is, it's a size 8 m'kay.) When summer rolls around we frequent the community pool on a daily basis and we are going to the coast this year so I thought splurging on a new suit was in order. I liked the colors and it looked really nice lying there on that plastic form.

HOWEVER! Do NOT be misled. That bathing suit looks NOTHING like that when you put it on. The bra cups are not near as perky, the waist is tight and bulges out in front a bit, and GET THIS, the whole back side spreads out CONSIDERABLY! I am so indignant and upset. I have a right mind to take a picture of myself wearing the bathing suit and send it along with my complaint. If you want the bathing suit to look right, you have to wear the plastic mold under it, and trust me, that is NOT comfortable.


  1. LOL Cool suit, but too bad about the fit. Misleading indeed!

  2. Love your blog, Love your flashcards and love your humor!