Sunday, February 8, 2009



I was in my backyard this weekend pulling these obnoxious purple weeds. I noticed the smell on my hands and was immediately wafted back to when I was a young girl and used to pick these very same weeds because I thought they were pretty purple flowers. I would gather as many and I could hold in my hands and take them inside and insist we put them in a glass of water.

Funny how our perception changes. I look out now and see them sprouting up all over my yard and I am thoroughly peeved at the little annoying weeds invading my lawn. Thirty years ago I would have thought I was walking through a floral wonderland. Makes me wish I could be more childlike in my appreciation of nature...or at least that we weren't so committed to organic lawn care and I could go out there and douse them with some chemical weed killer that is about two molecules away from being radioactive waste.

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