Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Yep, I SOOOOO heart my new Samsung Omnia. It was my Valentine's gift from the DH. He did great! Of course it helped that I started telling him before Christmas that I was getting a new phone for Valentine's Day and that he dropped me off at the Verizon store and babysat Munchkin while I bought it. But hey, it's the thought that counts.

Now I get my email on my phone, I've got a calendar (although it is not that hard to keep up with yoga and Munchkin's playdates and that's pretty much all my schedule consists of, but I can dream) and a virtual QWERTY keyboard for texing...AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW NICE THAT IS! I loathe texting on a numeric keypad. It gives me hives. You can't just text "Hey Dude!", you have to text "4-3-9-#-3-8-3-pause-3-Menu-5-4-Ok" That just puts me in a bad mood.

So I'm ecstatic to be able to type away on my new touch screen! And besides that it just looks cool, don't you think, lying there on my leg (are you loving the flannel jammies) telling me that I have a spam email from efax...which I can promptly delete from my phone without having to log in to my email. Yippee for gadgets! And hey! I get alerts on my phone when you leave comments. Go ahead! Please make my day!

Anyhoo, I highly recommend the Omnia...if you can't afford the $350 for the ridiculously over-priced HTC Touch Pro, that is.

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